Saturday, July 5, 2008

Restaurant Mural: Cibo, Parnell, Auckland

Floor Paintings

Wilson Cement Works Mural

Wilson Cement works present day

Wilson Cement Works, Warkworth 1920. A photo taken from the riverbank opposite

Sandspit Wharf Mural

Mural on a ceiling

Truck Mural

Waihi Murals

Warkworth Mural: Loren and Jenny

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Snells Beach Mural, Renata's feathered friend

Tazman helps me colour in Renata's patch work jersey while her sister paints a giant butterfly
This mural was for Bruce, the chemist, who owns the building and Bronte and Tazman helped me out in the final stages by supplying genuine hand painted original children's art.
Bronte and Tazman's folks own the dairy on the other side of the wall so I got to know them and asked for their help, which they were pleased to give. Some other children's art I borrowed and carefully reproduced where it was too high for Bronte and Tazman to work safely