Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1925 Grocery Mural, Waihi, New Zealand

This mural I have been working on sporadically for a year. It is almost finished and is the most ambitious painting I have yet done. Old people love it as all the products in the store are from 1925 or earlier although I used a little artistic licence in that some products are from a little later. It contains references to World  War One, the British Empire, the 1919 flu epidemic, the great age of Radio and products readily available over the counter include gelignite, ammunition, strychnine and whale oil. Politically Correct? No. God save the King....


  1. I live in Waihi and have started walking my dog in the street in which your mural is situated. Each time, I have to stop and admire it. It's one of the most captivating, enchanting things I've seen in my life. How did it come to be in a quiet little street in a quiet little town? Was it commissioned? And why there? To my mind, it should be in an art gallery or a grand building and appreciated by thousands. I just adore it.

  2. I also have just noticed that the mural outside the hall in Waihi has your name on it too. Another splendid example of your work.